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Public Sector Tailor-Made Training

For Public Sector Director Level

  • Essentials for Leadership and policy development in the public service
  • Fiscal and Monetary policy and Budget System in public service.
  • Governance and E-governance in the public service
  • Addressing security and challenges of insecurity.
  • Time and Stress management in the public service.
  • Towards a welfare programme for enhanced productivity in the public sector.
  • Understanding Reforms in the public service.

For Public Sector Managers/Supervisors level

  •  Understanding Work Ethics in the public service.
  •  An overview of the Public Service Rules.
  •  Productivity Measurement and Improvement in the public service.
  •  Records and Record Keeping in the public service
  •  Essential provisions of Financial Regulations in the public service
  • Office Management procedures in the public service
  • Techniques of Time Management and Personal Effectiveness.


For Public Sector officers

  • Overview of Public Service Rules.
  • Guides to Administrative Behaviour and Ethics and Attitudinal change.
  • Communication in the public service.
  •  Imperatives of Team Building and Time Management in the public sector.
  • Registry Administration and Records Management in the public sector
  • Discipline and Disciplinary Procedures and Integrity management in the public sector.

Procurement And Supply Chain Management Process

  • Understanding the procurement Purpose and principles; A review of procurement process – from need identification to contract award; Negotiation skills for procurement; Supply chain management process; Having value for money – How best; Selecting the best hands out of a pack – Contractor/Suppliers selection process Latest trend in Procurement – What to consider and Public Procurement Rules.

Powerful Negotiation Skills

  •  This workshop is for those new to negotiations or for those who wish to refresh and/or enhance their existing negotiation skills. The workshop will be highly interactive and will operate through a mix of lectures, exercises and case study scenarios. The intention of this workshop is to familiarise with the essential components of effective negotiation skills. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to understand why win/win is the only sustainable relationship strategy in today’s difficult economic conditions.


  • The workshop will help participants to recognise their existing negotiation styles and learn some alternative effective styles; Plan for an effective negotiation; Explain the phases of the negotiation process; Use interpersonal and communication skills to enhance success in negotiations.

Emotional Intelligence – Enhancing Your Personal Impact

  •  In today’s competitive workplace, it is becoming as important as technical skills to have strong people skills and understand the power of emotional intelligence. You must be able to communicate, influence and motivate to enhance internal and external relationships and to help improve both yours and the business performance.


  • Being able to connect with people and win their trust is vital, but many people are left to acquire these skills through a process of trial and error. This practical and interactive emotional intelligence training will increase self-awareness and develop interpersonal skills so individuals can come across with positive impact, whatever the situation.


  • This programme will help to become aware of needs, temperament, strengths and motivation; Identify and be aware of both the verbal and non-verbal signals; Understand the psychology of emotional intelligence for relationship building; and need to adapt your behaviour to achieve the desired outcome.

Screen Smart – Digital Literacy

  • This is a practical course in managing electronic information, including more than 30 exercises and activating new visual and kinesthetic learning habits. Reading electronic text, e-mails and web pages on a computer screen is different to reading text from a book and is often 30-50% slower. That’s why Screen-Smart training provides tried-and-tested principles for increasing effectiveness and is important no matter what industry you are in as it is designed to immediately improve your organisation’s productivity. Any individuals or teams reading information on the computer screen for more than 2 hours per day will benefit from the session and improve their productivity dramatically.


  • The training would enable participant learn how to manage the glut of digital information; Learn digital reading techniques to improve your productivity by 30 – 100%; Present a technical book within 12 minutes; Manage e-mails more  effectively  and learn how to find information quickly.

Advance Presentation Skills

  • This training would develop a persuasive and personal style of use of Powerpoint presentation to secure impact; Enhance language to communicate even in the most complex  ideas; Enhance credibility with different audiences with powerful and expressive use of movement and voice; Develop a structure that keeps you on track with your key points; Maximise the power of the pause to control pace and attention; Tips to develop discerning and effective use of visual aids


  • Handle difficult questions – and difficult members of the audience with calm and confidence; Increase knowledge and skill in steering the audience through content so that message is retained; Adaption of style to have impact with different audiences

Building High Performance Teams

  • This shall be a highly practical and interactive workshop that will help develop teambuilding and team leadership skills. The programme will focus on building a high-performance team through various exercises and role-plays, and participative discussions by identifying and leveraging on: Factors for individual performance and Factors for team performance.


  • The session will help to foster teamwork and enhance skills in raising energies, improving responsiveness, enhancing motivation through responsibilities and rewards and encouraging your team to work effectively with other teams.

Accelerated Personal Development

  • The training shall deliver on Assessment to determine current level of personal effectiveness; Identification of gaps on personal effectiveness and efficiency; Filling the gaps – Accelerated Personal development; Personal effectiveness tips; Personal assessment plan; Goal setting; Effectiveness and efficiency at work; Job scheduling, Execution and Delegation and Roadmap to higher performance

People Management & Team Leadership

  • This programme provides a unique opportunity to accelerate the development of management skills, whether you are focusing on managing the impact of change or transition, building a high performance team, or developing the trust, enthusiasm and mutual support of your employees.


  • Established managers who need to enhance their people and team management skills, as well as gain a greater understanding of interpersonal skills will need this training. Executives, managers and directors who have not recently been exposed to ‘people management’ training and wish to develop and upgrade their competencies and skills in this area will benefit from this course.


  • Very apt for Specialist technical and functional managers who need to achieve a better balance between their technical expertise and their people management capabilities.


  • The training shall cover among others Creative Management For Leaders and Manager; Self-Assessment on leadership/management; Balancing conflicting stakeholder demands; Understanding change and model for implementing change; Understanding yourself and your organizational environment; Setting personal and team objectives; Managing Performance and A  model for effective delegation.

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