Adeyemi Victor

I bring to the table a lot of energy, creativity and vibrancy. I think hard, work hard, and make friends easily. I’m a very reliable person. A seeker of the unknown; left-eye thinker, an idea guy, creative writer, content addict, visual designer, co-creator, startup advisor, brand culture strategist, and author of two sensational idea books, ‘STEAL IT’ and ‘OLIVER THIEF’.

With a background in contemporary advertising, brand management and consultancy, experiential marketing, journalism, startup ecosystem, and a stint in PR and digital marketing, I have firsthand experience in different components of mass media.

I have smooth blend of incredible strength in COPY < CONTENT< CONCEPT < DESIGNS & < STRATEGY; and if it does not lead to big idea, conversation and equity, I’m not in. When the job needs to be done, and it has to be creative, insightful, connecting, and result in ROI, ‘holla’ your boy.

At present, I work as a thinkpad and co-creator In Yellopad, a 2017 creative startup focused on creating disruptive content and products for the companies of the future.

Before Yellopad, I was a Senior Strategy Manager in EXP Marketing, one of the biggest experiential marketing agency in Africa, operational in 22 countries and headquartered in South Africa, where we provided brand activation support to brands like MTN, P&G, Nivea, Heineken, Star, Coca Cola, Moet & Chandon, Hennessy, HP, Multichoice, PZ, GSK, Microsoft, Oracle, First Bank, Philips, SFH, etc.

I was also a Senior Brand Strategist at Centrespread-Grey (affiliated to Grey of South Africa), working on winning advertising campaigns for Airtel, Skye Bank, Moneygram, Etisalat, APC, and Federal Government of Nigeria.

And before Centrespread, I was the Head of Strategy / Brand Planning at Touchstone Brand Strategy & Communications, Lagos, and worked with top brands like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN), SystemSpecs/Remita, Tastee Fried Chicken, UAC, PZ, Unilever, Mouka, First Central, First Registrar, and others.

Trained as an accountant, but I’m a fan of informal classroom, and had been part of various intellectual learnings, like Paystack Y-Combinator Lagos Meetup; Digital Marketing Masterclass; Nigeria Transiting to a Cashless Society: Charting the Way Forward; International Conference on Payments Systems; Social Media Week, Local Businesses on Technological Landscape; The Platform: Thinking Outside The Box; Change, Innovation & Leadership; The Wall Streets Politics; Brand Strategy & Globalization, and few more others.

I am interested in Product Development. Digital ‘stuffs’. Hanging out. Thinking within (and mostly outside) the box. Creative designs. Ideation. Reading, And writing.

Today, I work as the Head of Innovation at GDM Group, Lagos.

A Christian, a husband, a father, a Lagosian.  

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