Feyikunmi Yinka

Feyikunmi is a 1996 graduate of Computer Science from the University of Ibadan and has cut his teeth in Consulting, Banking and the Telecom work spaces over the years, as a seasoned data analyst, developer and database administrator,

Feyi has developed a flagship full-fledged banking reconciliation software: CLIREC, which today runs in almost all banking platforms in Nigeria and out of the country, and currently prized above N100M per installation.

Strongly skilled at handling Oracle database technologies and flexible at proffering medium to large scale automated software solutions across heterogeneous systems.

Various In-House purpose built software were crafted by Feyi to support banking operations ranging from Online Banking Teller/Customer Enquiry Suite interfacing the Bank Master RS Banking Package, Bank’s Inter-branch uptime monitoring suite, Annual General Meeting management suite, Management Information System (MIS) for various P&L, Balance Sheet, Bank liquid Positions and Inter-branch liquidity balance positions.

As a Telecommunication professional, Feyi has tirelessly contributed to the bottom line of Globacom Nigerian telecommunication giant since he joined the company in 2005. Saddled with the responsibility of bringing up Glomobile Benin in 2007, a multi-million dollar project, he led CORE program management of eleven technical nodes with a record breaking project delivery time of 7 months. The company stood against competition over the years with array of flagship suite of products in the Republic of Benin and over 5 Million subscriber base during its operating years.

His past successes at managing enterprise-wide projects of diverse complexity made him to be deployed along four (4) other colleagues to audit Glo Glomobile Ghana network before its eventual launch in 2011. The project is a multi-million dollar project standing tall in Ghana with subscriber base of 4 Million amidst competition. Feyi was later deployed to Network Support Group (NSG) in 2012 to oversee all technical projects of the company involving Intelligent Network and Value Added Services, a new drive to audit technical projects, high skilled performance operations and rapid response initiative team for vendor management and internal services. He was a key seconded staff to NSG and stood in the capacity for three (3) years.

Currently, a senior manager of the Intelligent Network Planning and Engineering unit of technical department. He leads the team on quality assurance of the charging nodes, product assurance of marketing initiatives, coordinates vendor interfaces for solution delivery, and advises the company senior management on network capacity growth, thresholds and trends.

Now managing the multi-scale overhauling and deployment of company–wide convergent billing platform comprising both the prepaid, postpaid, and enterprise businesses in Globacom, a Multi-Million Dollar project.

He sits on the board of director of two thriving companies where he serves in the advisory role sharing his initiatives. He’s a thought leader, and one of the chapter presidents of the Full Gospel Business men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI). Feyikunmi is married to Tosin, and they live in Lagos with their four children.  

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