People Management & Team Leadership

  • This programme provides a unique opportunity to accelerate the development of management skills, whether you are focusing on managing the impact of change or transition, building a high performance team, or developing the trust, enthusiasm and mutual support of your employees.


  • Established managers who need to enhance their people and team management skills, as well as gain a greater understanding of interpersonal skills will need this training. Executives, managers and directors who have not recently been exposed to ‘people management’ training and wish to develop and upgrade their competencies and skills in this area will benefit from this course.


  • Very apt for Specialist technical and functional managers who need to achieve a better balance between their technical expertise and their people management capabilities.


  • The training shall cover among others Creative Management For Leaders and Manager; Self-Assessment on leadership/management; Balancing conflicting stakeholder demands; Understanding change and model for implementing change; Understanding yourself and your organizational environment; Setting personal and team objectives; Managing Performance and A  model for effective delegation.

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