Business Regulation

We provide background information on regulations required to start a business and facilitates processing of permits, licences and authorisation required for all categories of business across West Africa as well as administration of compliance to business regulation in the course of business operations

Business Formation

Provision of advisory services for business formation, registration and establishment across West Africa rendering cutting-edge legal and compliance support

Business Negotiations

We provide support for business negotiation and contract administration towards favourable business transaction with great benefit and favourable bottom-line

Business Processes & Administration

We formulate business process and procedure to provide thorough understanding of requirements and undertakings for business owners and employees coming along with savvy advisory services on business administration.

Business Permits, Trademarks/Trade Names

We process business permits and procure trademarks/trade names for businesses to secure copyrights and intellectual properties within a very reasonable timelines.

Human Capital Development

We engage in training and human capital development for businesses towards informing and educating on contemporary practices and knowledge towards business development and personal development.

Open Courses/Implant Trainings

We organise specially designed courses tailor-made for specific needs of businesses as well as courses which cut-across different businesses for exchange of ideas and experiences

Outsourcing of Support Services

We provide cost effective outsourcing support services for Human Resources, Corporate Administration, Company Secretariat services while adopting best practices and international standards.